The Results are In


The Results are In

We’ll good news as the Financial Ombudsman has been in touch.

They believe I should be allowed to reject the car and have sent an email to the Finance Company advising them of their findings. I will admit it has taken them way to long to deal with and you’re told that you will be in a queue for six months before the investigation even begins. Now if you happen to speak to someone on the phone raising the complaint that deals with this kind of thing, they can take it on and you don’t wait in the queue. Now this is a little unfair and everyone should either be in the queue or get investigated straight away. I only knew this as I was not the only one going through this process of rejecting an MG ZS and they were probably sorted with in 2 months!!


PM UPDATE 10th FEB 2020

The finance company have been in touch and also accepted the Financial Ombudsman findings on the same day. Thank goodness for that.

The car should be going back sometime in the next 4 weeks.

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