Final Review of the car


Final Review of the car

So what do I think of the MG ZS?

It was a real shame as I think the car looks good and it’s defiantly comfortable to drive having been sat in the car for 4-5 hours on a few trips. So let’s look at the good points and bad.


Good looking, comfortable to drive, love the big colour screen with Apple CarPlay, The boot is huge and you don’t loose any space when having the spare wheel unlike some cars.


Constant bonging all the time. ECU updates the car seems to need them to fix issues, mine has run like a dog when cold since new and there do seem to be flat spots as well. Quality is not great in places such as sharp edges on plastic trims. No under-seal not even on joints as this is where all the trouble started but also paint seems thin hence the rust. Customer service is really let down as in my experience MG just don’t seem interested in customer care. The 7 year warranty is it as most stuff I saw on the PDF was either 3 years or less, that’s not 7 years for sure.

So should you buy one? Depends if you can put up with its issues. Being a member on a facebook group you can see that some people just don’t have any issues but others have lots. May be this is down to being built in a different factory, I don’t know. Saying that the MG3 seems better built and looking underneath one it does seem to be undersealed where it’s required to stop rust in the joints.


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