MG Customer Relations


MG Customer Relations

My local MG dealer gave me the number of MG customer relations, in Birmingham.

At 1st he was not best pleased they had given me his number!!

He looked at my photos supplied by the dealer and said it was seam bleed on the jacking points. I need to look in to this seem bleed claim. He also said the other bits of rust under the bonnet were non forward facing panels so not covered under warranty.

This is what I find in the warranty.

Any paint defect affecting readily visible surface areas of the MG vehicle, not including the under body, caused by a material or manufacturing defect will be repaired under the terms of warranty.

So unless it’s an outer panel they are not interested. I pointed out the rust underneath that I had found around the spring area. MG’s response was it rains in the UK!!!


Warranty Rejected

Just had an call from my local MG dealer.

MG have refused the warranty claiming seam bleed on the jacking points. The rust on the inside of the bonnet etc is not a forward facing panel and is not covered under warranty.

Not best pleased so need to push forward



Warranty Dealer Visit

So the car is booked in today with my local MG dealer to submit a warranty claim.

Went over the bits I had found and he duly photographed and submitted the claim.

Hopefully it can be sorted out quickly, but a bit odd to have rust already.

Will keep y0u updated