Engineer Report


Engineer Report

So far I have still heard nothing from MG regarding the agreed fix to my car. This has given me time though to look at my options further.

I have booked a Dekra inspection to find out the true extent of the issues and if they can be repaired without hacking the car to pieces.

I can then make a further decision depending on the outcome.


Accredited Businesses?

So whilst looking in to all my options, I see MG are not registered with The Motor Ombudsman in The Motor Industry Code of Practice for New Cars

What is this telling us here?

Think time to have a chat with them for some advise


Have they agreed to fix it?

So Vauxhall Finance and MGUK had a conference call on Monday and agreed to fix the the rust issues underneath with various procedures, I had to point out that I was also suffering the rust under the bonnet in areas. Apparently these will also be fixed.

It’s now Friday and so far I have had no contact from MGUK whist the others with the underneath issue have been contacted. Will it really happen and will they fix it without the rust coming back?


MG conference call

So on Friday 19th there should have been a conference call between MG and Vauxhall Finance. This seemed to get cancelled and I not been able to speak to my handler to find out who cancelled the call, so not sure if the was MG

Apparently another conference call arranged to Monday morning

Will update as soon I have any update.


Other owners

Through the facebook page we have another 2 people also going through Vauxhall Finance.

Whilst saying it’s nice to have others with the issue, the more of us there are the better chance of getting somewhere I recon.

Another conference call is scheduled for Friday 19th July so fingers crossed this call goes better.


MG UK Sales Response

So Vauxhall Finance continue to push MG.

Unfortunately MG’s response currently is although the surface corrosions (let face it that a 8 month old car sold not have in the 1st place) ┬áis unsightly left untreated it should not cause perforation of the panel with in the warranty period.

So clearly they only worried about their warranty period and nothing else. What they call surface rust is around where 2 joint come together, which means the rust will be in the joint. Without cutting this away you will never get rid of the rust in the joint.

Vauxhall Finance have another conference call booked with the Head of Sales at MG and Technical After Sales Manager. Lets see if this can be resolved nicely, although I am not holding out a lot of hope judging by their current responses.


Forwarded to the head of sales

Had an email from Vauxhall finance today advising that the case has been forwarded to the head of sales for UK MG.

I know I am not the only 1 with this issue and looks like they have coated the data together for a better case.

Fingers crossed


Dealer Fails to respond

So spoke to Vauxhall Finance today to get an update.

Letter was sent to the dealer ref my rust complaint on 27th June. Now 12th July and the dealer has failed to respond to the information request by Vauxhall Finance. Next week they will send in and area manager to talk directly to them.

Let’s see what happens


Rust Audit

So I have been been over the whole car to create and audit of all the locations of rust I find and take related photo’s

Hopefully putting these forward to Vauxhall Finance who will forward to MG we may get this sorted out.

Whilst I can’t get to the whole car without putting it on a ramp, I have managed to survey most of it.

All the pictures I have taken can be seen in the Gallery


Complaint lodged with Vauxhall Finance

As MG have rejected the issues regarding rust I have submitted my a complaint to Vauxhall Finance, who technically own the car until it’s paid for.

Yes some of you will say why Vauxhall Finance, but they deal with finance options for MG here in the UK.

I have been told I will be assigned a handler and and receive details about my claim in the next 3 working days.

The ball is rolling