Yearly Archive 2019


October Update

No a great deal happening, which does get quite frustrating to be honest.

The financial ombudsman at last check still doesn not have a file from the finance company, which is a bit odd so need to chase that.

Now the winter is starting to set in. Cold, damp and soon the road salt. I am sure the rust will look a whole to worse by the time we get to the early part of 2020 and file gets looked at.


Mechanical Issues

I also now have a couple of mechanical issues

Over certain road conditions like uneven bits of road, there is now a clonking underneath the steering wheel cowl. This only seems to happen with bumps on the near side of the vehicle.

2nd gear is notchy  and stiffish to get in to when you 1st start driving as well as sometimes hearing a small crunch. All other gears seem fine and with the engine off or at a stand still it slips in to 2nd fine. Once you have done 30 miles or so, this seems to improve especially if you change in to 2nd after around 3000 revs.

Will update on these when it goes in for it’s 1st service.


External Rust

I now have many little pin rust spots on the bonnet, doors, and rear quarter.

I have tried to photo these and put the in the gallery but they don’t always show well in the photo’s, ¬†sometimes show as black blobs.

I have reported this to the finance company but of this time they have not even bothered to come back to me.

I know some will say you have not been looking after the car etc. Let set the record straight. The car was polished as soon as I got it, it’s washed every one to two weeks and re polished every couple of months. Any bird poo is cleaned off as soon as it’s been seen.

Check the photo’s out in the Gallery


Financial Ombudsman

So not really got anywhere with the finance company. I really thought they would fight my case a little more.

I now have a final letter from them with regards to the rust issues. Even though they use Dekra and would not doubt what’s in the report, they want to doubt what’s in the report!

My only option is now to put it in the hands of the Financial Ombudsman. The only issue here is it will be a 6 month wait before it gets investigated, but my only real option.


Getting Frustrated

So just rang finance company as never seem to get any updates.

Apparently there will be a meeting with the MD on Monday.

So I just spent 28 minutes on hold to actually get through and then as usual can never speak to the person handling my case. Would it have been hard to just email me to update me. 1 to keep me up to date and 2 to stop me wasting both mine and their time.

At this rate I will be speaking to the Financial Ombudsman


Still Waiting

No response from MG so far so my complaint has now been sent to senior managers at Vauxhall Finance who apparently will also speak to senior managers at MG.

I have been told I should have some come back by end of business on Friday 9th August

I won’t be holding my breath as I seem to have to constantly chase Vauxhall finance so guess it will drag on to the following week before I hear anything.

I must says it’s starting to get a little frustrating as I was hoping MG would have looked after it’s customers especially whilst it rebuilds the brand name here in the UK.


Report Received

So I now have a report to back up my findings.

Unfortunately it says in my report that I can’t share this only line. It does help my case and the finance company said as much as they would not disagree with a report from these guys.

So the report has been forwarded to MG to see what they say.



Engineer Report

So far I have still heard nothing from MG regarding the agreed fix to my car. This has given me time though to look at my options further.

I have booked a Dekra inspection to find out the true extent of the issues and if they can be repaired without hacking the car to pieces.

I can then make a further decision depending on the outcome.


Accredited Businesses?

So whilst looking in to all my options, I see MG are not registered with The Motor Ombudsman in The Motor Industry Code of Practice for New Cars

What is this telling us here?

Think time to have a chat with them for some advise


Have they agreed to fix it?

So Vauxhall Finance and MGUK had a conference call on Monday and agreed to fix the the rust issues underneath with various procedures, I had to point out that I was also suffering the rust under the bonnet in areas. Apparently these will also be fixed.

It’s now Friday and so far I have had no contact from MGUK whist the others with the underneath issue have been contacted. Will it really happen and will they fix it without the rust coming back?