I put this website together quickly to advise people what they are going to get when they buy an MG ZS here in the UK. It’s meant to be factual rather than look pretty

So in October 2018 I went to a local MG show, and saw the new MG ZS in the flesh for the 1st time. I have to say I was quite taken with it’s looks, the equipment and overall the price.

Some days later I popped over to my local dealer and took the car for a test drive, I enjoyed the test drive and the px price offered on my car. As it came with 5 years 0% finance and a 7 year warranty, it was a no brainer. 1 week later I collect the car and looked forward to worry free motoring.


Roll on 7.5 months and the car has been running great with no real issues to report mechanically. But on walking back to the car in an empty car park, I started to see brown on the vehicle jackup points. Now I only saw this as the carpark was empty otherwise I may have missed this. So this is what I could see


This was just 1 of a few places I found rust, so an appointment was made with the dealer who took photo’s and submitted a warranty claim. A few days later and the claim was rejected, MG won’t cover what they call non forward facing panels. So the rest of the car can rust too bits as long as from the front it looks ok. I was given the number of MG to talk direct and they just don’t care. When I discussed rust underneath the vehicle their answer was that it rains in the UK. 1 question here is why does the MG3 come undersealed yet the ZS is left to rot.

To date MG are not prepared to do anything so I have put together a gallery of the rust that a 7.5 month old car has so you can decide for yourself if you really want to spend your hard earned money on a car with these issue and an unhelpful Manufacturer. In my option at this current time DON’T BUY AN MG ZS.

Check out the gallery and I will try to keep you updated on the situation using the blog.


If you want any more info or want to get in touch then I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Fill-in the contact for here